dimarts, 3 de gener de 2012

Prepositions: on, under, over, round, through, in....

I realised, as the girls were writing their diaries this morning, that they have a very poor grasp of english prepositions (on, into, over, to, through, under, etc...), resulting in them using 'to' for pretty much all of them... the sentence 'Daddy jumped to the gate) had me giggling with images of daddy jumping all the way from the office to the garden gate! After a bit of demonstration with my telephone ('daddy') and a cereal box ('the gate'), they had realised that they got it wrong!!

Later when we went outside to play, I realised a brilliant way to practise these words would be to play with them in the garden!! Here are some videos of our little game: My next plan is to write the words on some cards and use these with our games in the garden, and then to write sentences with pictures... I'll let you know how we get on!



3 comentaris:

Noelia ha dit...

Fa poc que he descobert el vostre bloc i m'encanta tot el que expliqueu. M'encurioseix saber d'on és la Jo per com pronuncia under.
Enhorabona per la bona feina que feu.

En Jordi i la Maria ha dit...

La Jo és del Nord d´Anglaterra, gràcies pel comentari.

Jo ha dit...

amb un bon 'u' del nord!!!