dijous, 17 de desembre de 2015

Christmas Stories

This week the children have been doing a lot work involving Christmas. The children have especially enjoyed making their own Christmas stories, which they planned out before writing. Sara´s story was called ´The really crazy Christmas´ and Judit´s was called ´The Christmas Story.´ After they had finished writing, they then read their story to the others. This then lead to a discussion and the children were able to ask any questions that they had.The children also wrote a letter and decorated with glitter, paint and glue after.

Additionally, Jordi and Sergi have enjoyed reading the book ´Spot the dog´. When reading the book the boys were able to go over the colours and numbers.  Also, they read ´The Animals in the Forrest´. The boys enjoyed naming the animals, saying the noise of the animal and identifying the colour of the animal. This was a fun way to go over the English vocabulary, such as colours and numbers without them knowing they´re learning.

Judit and Sara have been making several posters for Science, including the topics Energy and population. When creating the posters, the girls have to read the information in their textbooks, pick out the relevant information and then write the information in their own words on the paper. This ensures that the girls have understood the information before writing it down on their poster.