dijous, 22 de desembre de 2016

Christmas Performance

This week the children have been very excited about Christmas. We have had a very relaxed week, doing Christmas activities. The children have finished their Christmas envelopes and Christmas cards and they now all have a fantastic envelope, filled with all the Children’s Christmas crafts and cards.
The children continued to consolidate their focus Christmas vocabulary- reindeer, snowman, star, snow ball, sleigh, presents, elf. They have coloured in pictures of all these different Christmas objects and we focused on colouring the objects the correct colours. We talked about the different Christmas objects and the parts they play at Christmas time.
We had a relaxed morning watching ‘Home Alone’ and it was great to see that the children understood most of the English and were able to laugh along at the jokes in the film.
We had an afternoon baking Christmas biscuits in the classroom.  We created our own Christmas stencils, in the shape of a bell, Christmas tree and a snowman. We worked together to create dough and then used our stencils to shape the Christmas biscuits. The following morning we created two different types of icing and decorated the biscuits with lots of shiny balls, stars and hearts. The children then enjoyed eating the biscuits as a late breakfast snack.
The children had a great morning creating sock snowmen with Jo. They were all keen to cut the bottom off the sock to create a hat for their snowman. The children then filled their sock with rice and made their snowman big and fat. They then used an elastic band to create a head and body but they all needed help as the band was tricky to tie. The children then had a great time sticking on buttons, eyes and creating a scarf and nose out of felt. All of the children’s snowmen looked very individual, especially when they all drew different mouths , which gave each of the snowmen real character.
The children performed their Christmas songs and dances to their families. They did an absolutely fantastic job and I was so proud of how confidently they performed and how they remembered the song words and dance moves so well. The children had a great time and it was great to see their big, smiling faces. Everyone enjoyed watching the performance and the children absolutely loved being on the stage.  They are already discussing what they want to do for the Summer performance.
The children had a great time visiting the mechanics garage. They made the mechanics very happy by singing their Christmas songs to them in the mechanics’ office. The children then had the opportunity to watch the mechanics change a tyre and they were introduced to all of the different tools, which are used by a mechanic. The children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and they managed to learn a lot about how mechanics help people by fixing their cars. 
Sara and Judit chose some of their favourite Christmas poems from various web pages. They read them all and focused on the key features of each poem – the rhyming pattern, use of metaphors, similes and adjectives. The children then chose which poetry features they wanted to focus on and use within their own poems. The girls wrote their own Christmas poems, using the poetry styles of their choice. They created their own paragraphs, checked their spellings and added their own illustrations.  They were then very proud to read their poems to me and explain how they had developed their ideas. They did a fantastic job and really enjoyed being little poets.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.