divendres, 10 de març de 2017


This week we have welcomed another new friend, Carla. She is 3 years old has really impressed me with how independent she is and how well she has settled into the class routines. Oasis has been really happy to work with Carla as she says that she has set a really good example for the other children by listening so carefully and being very keen to follow all of the instructions which Oasis gave. It is a real pleasure to welcome Carla into the class.
This week, the EYFS children (Ona, Kai, Luke, Cloe, Sergi, Axel, Carla, Julien and Katie) have been working on building their English vocabulary, using picture flashcards. Oasis was very proud of Luke and Cloe as they both had real confidence to speak out and say the names of most of the objects on the flashcards. They were especially keen to shout out the names of the animals and talk about the different colours of each animal. When continuing to develop their vocabulary outside in the farm, Oasis was impressed by Axel´s participation when talking about the names of each of the animals in the farm. He was able to correctly identify each of the animals and was confident to mimic them by showing the appropriate sound and movement for each animal. In maths the children have been focusing on numbers. Gabrielle was very happy with Julien as he has been extremely confident to identify and name the numbers to 10. He was then able to correctly count out the quantity, using bears, for each of the numbers. The children have also been focusing on shapes. Oasis was very happy with how well Sergi is able to recognise a circle. He has developed a really good awareness of the shape and its formation. He was especially confident when creating a flower circle and he made sure to correctly stick the flowers to create a circle. Katie was also very good at identifying 2D shapes. She was very engaged when doing a shape hunt and Gabrielle was very impressed with how keen Katie was to say the name of the different thing in the farm, which were made from the different 2D shapes. This week Oasis has been telling me how happy she is with Kai and Ona´s concentration. They are now both participating very well and completing all of the activities. Kai was also very encouraging with the younger children; helping them to do the activities.
The KS1 children (Marcel, Jordi, Carla, Joana, Thais, Arlet and Noa) have been working with number lines. They were ordering the numbers to ten and then completing addition and subtraction, using a physical number line. Marcel was very confident with both addition and subtraction and was working on adding and subtracting three step number problems.  Jo was also really happy with Jordi during maths time as he now becoming really confident and independent when adding and subtracting numbers. During topic time, the children have been learning about family. They have been identifying the different people in their families and drawing family portraits. Jo was very happy with Arlet as she drew a very nice family portrait and was able to independently write characteristics for each family member. Jo was impressed by how much Carla wanted to speak about the different people in her family and she is really happy to see that Noa is now speaking more and has been keen to learn and use different words to describe the members of her family. Joana and Thais are also speaking much more and were confident to explain not only the people but the various pets they have in their family. It is great to see how much confidence all of the children are gaining when speaking English and they are all trying really hard to contribute in class discussions.
The KS2 children (Arnau, Nil, Tatiana, Judit, Sara B, Sara, Blanca and Sofia) have been working on 3D shapes in maths. Gabrielle was very impressed with Nil´s ability to recognise how many vertices and faces the 3D shapes have, when looking at them on a 2D sheet of paper. He was then very confident to create his own triangular prism, using a net. Sara B also worked very hard and was extremely motivated to create 3D shapes, using nets. She was also then very confident to identify how many faces, edges and vertices each shape has. On our 3D shape hunt I was very impressed with Sara and the enthusiasm she had when finding the different 3D shapes within our farm environment. She was very keen to identify different objects, which were formed by different 3D shapes and she became very confident to use the correct names for each of the 3D shapes. The children have also been learning about family. Gabrielle was very proud of Arnau as he was very confident to explain the relationship links with different families and could independently say the names of the corresponding family members in English. Judit also worked really hard when exploring genetics. She enjoyed learning about how brothers and sisters can be very different when from the same two parents. She thought very carefully and did a great job of drawing three children, who shared different characteristics from their mother and father. Judit was able to explain in detail the characteristics the children got from each parent. In punctuation and grammar, we have continued to work on speech marks. I am so proud of all of the children as they have made great progress when using speech marks. Tatiana and Sofia have particularly impressed me as they are now able to use speech marks completely independently. We have also been working on our dictionary skills. Blanca has been very concentrated and keen to use the dictionary to ensure that she is correctly spelling each of the focus words correctly. I was so happy when she told me that she had learnt the meanings of lots of new words when completing the activity.
This week, we also visited the library to find books for our new animal topic. The children were extremely motivated to find books in English and we ended up with a pile of more than 30 books about animals. They were very well -behaved and now really understand the importance of being quiet and well behaved in a library.

We have had a great and very busy week.  Have a nice weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.