dimarts, 30 de maig de 2017

Bar graphs

This week the EYFS children (Nico, Kai, Sergi, Katie, Carla, Ivet, Cloe, Ona, Julien and Luke) have been working on data collection in maths! From tallying things we see in our surrounding  to creating bar graphs of eye colours in the class; they have responded very well to the activities! Kai did a wonderful job drawing five different coloured eyes and he then created a tally to show the results of the different coloured eyes in the class. When creating graphs, Sergi showed his impressive ability to colour neatly and accurately between the lines. When questioned about the results in his graph, he also answered questions well and showed that he had a good understanding of how to read and comprehend a graph. Katie loved hunting around the garden to find the items on her activity sheet. She was very confident to record her findings, using a tally chart and she clearly understood hOeOe to record the results in groups of five; correctly using the tally method.
Our topic of plants has continued, and this week we were looking more into the plants we eat. Nico was particularly impressive as we categorised the plants we eat into flower, seed, root and leafed fruit and vegetables. He could independently notice the distinction. Carla was wonderful as we worked through riddles about plants that we eat, listening for their descriptions and often answering first. Ivet is responding so well to the new songs that we´ve been learning about plants.. She particularly enjoys those with actions and is getting better and better at keeping up with the pace of the song. Cloe impressively identified all of the colours of flowers that she saw in a documentary all about plants. She was very confident and independent when saying the colour names in English. Julien was very engaged and concentrated when collaging a sun for our presentation at the end of the term. He sat peacefully and enjoyed the activity a lot. Ona responded very well to our plant hunt and recognised all of the flowers and plants that she needed to find in the garden, such as dandelions, clovers, and daisies.
Luke is still spending time with his family in Lithuania. We miss him and look forward to welcoming him back soon.
The KS1 children (Jordi, Arlet, Marcel, Carla, Thais, Joana and Noa) have been revising the 10's and 2's in maths. Arlet and Marcel have really started to understand the different number patterns and could confidently order all the way up to 200 in 10s and 50 in 2's. Jordi, Noa, Thais, Joana and Carla are getting more and more confident with theirs tens, going as high as 100 independently.
Within our plant topic we have been focusing on the needs of plants., particularly the four main things which a plant needs: water, sun, air and soil nutrients. They have done so well to remember all of the things a plant needs. They can also now name the parts of the plant. They worked so well as a team to create a class display, whereby they all contributed some writing and creative input. I was so impressed with the result! They did such a good job working together and in their team groups; earning themselves lots of beads for their pots!!
The KS2 children (Judit, Sara B, Blanca, Sofia, Tatiana, Arnau, Nil, Pau and Sara) have been working on data collection in maths this week. Nil really impressed me with the ability he had to read and comprehend information in a table. Everyday he completed his work confidently and independently and was then keen to complete some challenge work. It was great to see him so confident as he developed the role of the teacher; helping the other children on his table to complete their work. Tatiana also had a good understanding of how to extract information from a table and it was great to see how focused and independent she was when answering the data collection questions. I am very proud of how well Tatiana and Arnau have worked as a team this week. They initially found it difficult working together but I was particularly impressed by how keen Arnau was to complete his work first so that he could then help Tatiana with hers. Great teamwork, keep it up!
In our plant topic, the whole class have enjoyed taking part in plant hunts around the school and also in the park in Matarò. It was a pleasure to see how engaged and enthusiastic the children were when drawing and writing down the plants they had found. I was particularly proud of the comma list Sara created. Sara was keen to record the plants nearly and she was very focused on ensuring that she put commas between each plant and she then consistently included an end at the end of each line of plants, which she had recorded. I was also very impressed by Sara B’s focus on our plant hunt in the farm. Sara was keen to record every plant which she saw and then when returning to school she independently researched the names of each of the plants in English, using our plant book and her tablet. Sara was very keen to be accurate and she created a great comma list of all the plants she had found. When further researching different and typical plants, which grow in Spain, it was great to see how concentrated Pau was when answering questions about the climate and conditions which plants are most suited to when living in Spain. Pau didn’t find it easy to answer the questions but he was very determined and didn’t give up. When starting our presentation project, about plants in Spain, it was great to see how well the children worked to find out information about the plants. The children had to work in  teams to create their presentation. Sofia initially found it very difficulty to work in a team and compromise on the ideas each of the people in the group had. However, after recognising that her team weren’t progressing well with their project, Sofia took the initiative to organise her group. It was great to see the patience she had when speaking to her team mates. She was very sensitive of everyone’s ideas and was keen to ensure that everyone was happy with the way in which the project was presented and the information which would be included. I  was great to see how mature and cooperative Sofia was. Well done!

Blanca and Judit started completing their real SAT’s exams this week. Although they have been super nervous and scared to complete their exams, I have been really proud of how they have approached the tests and have completed them with confidence. Keep it up next week, girls!