dilluns, 27 de març de 2017

Farm Animals

This week we have welcomed two new friends into the class. Mark is 4 years old and although he only joined us for 1 day it was great to see how well he settled and how happy he was to take part in the activities and follow the class routines.  It is great to see how keen he is to learn the language as even on his first day he tried to speak to me in English. We also welcomed Pau. He is 10 years old. Pau started the week feeling very nervous but he is now much happier and is confident to say when he doesn’t understand something. He has worked really hard to complete the activities and it is great to see him forming relationships with the other children his age.
The EYFS children (Sergi, Ona, Kai, Luke, Axel, Cloe, Carla, Julian, Katie and Mark) have started their topic on farm animals. It has been great to see how much Luke’s vocabulary has improved and how keen he has been to talk about the different farm animals he knows. Oasis is really proud of how much Luke wants to help the other children who find it more difficult to use English words. It is great to see the confidence he now has. Katie has also been very confident to talk a lot within our farm animal topic.  It is great to see that everyday she is gaining more confidence to speak in English and she is rapidly improving her vocabulary. She was especially confident to speak when completing a matching activity, whereby she matched the description of the animal to the correct farm animal. Gabrielle was really impressed with how well she completed the activity and how confident she was to identify the correct vocabulary. Julian has also been working really hard to learn the names of the farm animals.  He has worked very hard to trace the letters and write the name of different farm animals.  Gabrielle is really proud of how much Julian’s pencil control has improved and how much he is using the English phonics sounds to help him read the farm animal names. It is great to see how much his pronunciation has improved when naming the different animals.
In maths, the children have been learning about the triangle shape. Oasis is really happy with how much Carla has improved her pencil control. She has been working really hard to trace the triangle shapes and as a result she now has more confidence when using a pencil to write letters and numbers.
Oasis has been so happy to see how much Sergi, Axel and Ona have developed their personal and social skills. Sergi has become a real little leader within the group. He has worked so hard on all of his topic and maths activities and Oasis is really proud of the example he sets for the other children. It is great that when Sergi completes his activities he is always keen to help his friends complete their activities too, before he goes to explore the other corners. Ona has also impressed Oasis with how helpful she now is. She is always keen to help Oasis set up the activities in the class. It is also great to see how well Ona is listening to instructions. She is much more focused and keen to complete the activities correctly. Oasis has also been very impressed with how Axel attitude to work has improved. He is now listening more carefully to instructions and Oasis has been really happy with how much effort Axel is making with his work.
Unfortunately, Kai and Cloe haven’t been in school this week. We look forward to seeing them both next week.
The KS1 children (Joana, Thais, Carla, Arlet, Jordi, Marcel and Noa) have also been learning about farm animals. Jo has been really impressed with how much Marcel’s presentation and spelling has improved.  Jo is happy to see that Jordi and Marcel are using the phonics sound they have learnt when spelling and writing about the farm animals they know. Jo has been very impressed with Arlet as she is now independently writing, using her phonics sounds. She is always keen to try and blend together the sounds she knows to write words.
In maths, the children have continued to learn about the numbers 0-20 and the quantities which match to each number.  Jo has been really impressed with Carla as she now recognises and can name each of the teen numbers, when shown to her in random orders. Thais and Joana have also worked really hard to order and recognise the numbers. They are very keen to show their understanding of numbers 0-10 but they just needs to be a little more confident to name the teen numbers in English.
The KS2 children (Blanca, Sofia, Judit, Sara, Sara.B, Nil, Arnau and Tatiana) have also been learning about farm animals. Arnau has done a fantastic job of extending his vocabulary within this topic and he has been keen to communicate his ideas in English. Gabrielle was really proud of how well he completed a descriptive piece of writing about chickens as he used the new vocabulary he had been learning. Judit has also been very focused on our farm animal topic and it has been great to see how motivated she was to find out the names of the baby animals of some more unusual farm animals. She was very surprised to learn that many of the baby animals are called a calf. Blana was very focused on the task of finding out the products each animal gives us on a farm. It really opened her eyes to the jobs that each animal has and she was very keen to speak about how unfair she thought the treatment was of some animals. Sara B was very motivated to find out the names of the different meats which the animals provide. She was very touched when finding a photo of battery chickens and she was keen to find out more information about why the farmers kept the chickens in these conditions.

In maths, we have been learning about quantity. Gabrielle has been really happy with how independently Nil has been working. He was very engaged when writing his own sums and was keen to work out the answers. It was great to see how keen he was to listen and learn the new techniques which Gabrielle showed him. He then used these to help him find the answer. Sara did a great job when matching numbers to their quantities. She enjoyed practising writing the number names and was keen to learn how to pronounce and write all of the numbers to fifty correctly.  Tatiana has been working on fractional quantities. I was very impressed that she was keen to try completing a more difficult activity and she was very motivated to cut out, stick and match the equivalent fractions together. 

divendres, 17 de març de 2017

Writing stories

This week we have had a busy week focusing on stories. We have been talking lots about story vocabulary, such as characters, settings and events and have been working in teams to create group and individual story ideas.
The EYFS children (Ona, Kai, Luke, Sergi, Axel, Cloe, Carla, Katie and Julien) have been working with the older children to create their stories. They have been looking at pictures of different characters and props that they then blended together to create story ideas. The children were very excited to create their stories. Sergi and Ona drew fantastic illustrations to accompany their picture. They thought carefully about all the characters that were in their story and very independently drew them within the setting which matched their story. Kai loved using the tablet to type his story. He was excellent at touching the correct letter keys and was very keen to copy me as I said the name of each letter he was touching. Luke loved creating his story. He is speaking so well now and I was very impressed by how well he explained his story, using all of the key character words and events.
The children have also been learning about the Sant Jordi/ Saint George legend, as the stories they are creating are going to be used as part of our class Sant Jordi presentation. Carla and Katie were especially enthusiastic to learn about the characters in the story. They loved watching the video of the story and were keen to shout out the names of the characters. When reviewing their understanding of the story the next day, both of the girls could remember and confidently say the names of each of the characters in the story. Julien also enjoyed learning about the Sant Jordi story. He was very motivated to colour in different Sant Jordi pictures and he could then confidently tell me the names of the characters he had coloured. He especially liked the dragon!
In maths, the EYFS children have been focusing on the square shape, colouring, cutting, drawing, tracing and creating squares outside, using things from the outside environment. Oasis was very impressed with Axel as he was very concentrated when colouring the square. He worked very hard to stay in the lines and was very keen to ensure that he had filled every part of the square. The children have also continued to revise the numbers 0-10. Oasis was very happy with how well Cloe participated when learning the numbers and she was very confident to shout out the names of the different numbers in English.
The KS1 children (Marcel, Noa, Joana, Thais, Arlet, Jordi and Carla) have also been focusing on story writing this week. They have been working with Jo and Gabrielle to create group stories, whereby each person in the circle adds the next part to the story. Jo and Gabrielle were really impressed by how interesting and creative the stories became and how hard the children worked to share their ideas in English. The teachers were particularly happy with Jordi as he was extremely keen to participate and share his story ideas. They loved to see his enthusiasm and it was great to listen to the range of things which he wanted to add to the group story.
In maths the children have been focusing on number order, addition and subtraction, with a particular focus on the teen numbers. Jo was very happy with Arlet and Marcel as they could very confidently identify the different teen numbers on a number line and say each of them correctly in English.  They both have a very good knowledge of the numbers to 20. Carla has also gained a lot of confidence with number recognition this week and she is now becoming very independent when identifying and naming the teen numbers.
The children read every week with Jo and she is very happy with the progress which Joana and Noa are making with their reading. They are trying really hard to sound out the words, using the English letter sounds and they are always keen to read the whole book to Jo. Thais has also been working very hard with her reading. She has much more confidence to recognise and read the words. Jo has also been extremely pleased with how much Thais is improving with her spelling when writing and is using her knowledge of phonics to help her sound out and write the words.
The KS2 children (Arnau, Nil, Sofia, Blanca, Judit, Sara B, Sara and Tatiana) have also been working on story writing. At the beginning of the week the children partnered up with a younger children in the class. They did a fantastic job of supporting the little ones to create their story ideas and it was wonderful to see how supportive and patient they were. I am very proud of you all. I was especially impressed with Sara B as she was working with two younger children and it was incredible to see how she changed from one child to another, asking them their ideas and them helping them to translate it to English. Sara did a fantastic job and helped both children to create different and individual stories. Judit was also fantastic when working with the little ones. I am really proud of how sensitive and patient Judit has become. She was so keen to help her partner and it was so lovely to hear how kind and encouraging she was being of his ideas. Judit showed real patience when helping her partner to type the story and it was lovely to watch them interact in such a positive way. Well done Judit, I am very proud of you!
In maths this week, the children have been learning how to use a number line to order, add and subtract numbers. They have also been focusing on using their knowledge of number order to solve written word problems. Arnau and Nil have really impressed me with how well they can recognise numbers to 100 and how well they are able to read the number words for each number. They were both very motivated to cut out, order and display the number words and numerals in our maths area. They then used the number line they had created to solve addition and subtraction number problems. I was very happy with how well the children were able to read out each of their number sentences in English and how keen they were to correct themselves when they made a mistake. I was also very impressed with Sara and Tatiana as they were extremely motivated and keen to write their own word problems for each other to solve. They loved reading out the problems, marking the answers and adding a ´teacher´ comment. It was lovely to see how they imitated me and used the same vocabulary as I use, such as fantastic and excellent. Well done girls- you were very good teachers!
Sofia has also been working very hard to add numbers. She found it very difficult to add decimal numbers together but I was impressed to see how perseverant she was when using the number line to help her add the decimal numbers together. Sofia then moved on to use the grid method and it was great to see how much more confident she was to solve the addition problems when using this method. By the end of the week she was able to independently add 4 digit decimal numbers completely independently. Blanca also worked extremely hard and was very motivated to complete all of the maths activities this week. She was extremely confident to add and subtract decimal numbers, using the grid method. Blanca then moved on to solve word problems, whereby she needed to add and subtract different amounts of money and work out the correct change. You did a great job, Blanca!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

divendres, 10 de març de 2017


This week we have welcomed another new friend, Carla. She is 3 years old has really impressed me with how independent she is and how well she has settled into the class routines. Oasis has been really happy to work with Carla as she says that she has set a really good example for the other children by listening so carefully and being very keen to follow all of the instructions which Oasis gave. It is a real pleasure to welcome Carla into the class.
This week, the EYFS children (Ona, Kai, Luke, Cloe, Sergi, Axel, Carla, Julien and Katie) have been working on building their English vocabulary, using picture flashcards. Oasis was very proud of Luke and Cloe as they both had real confidence to speak out and say the names of most of the objects on the flashcards. They were especially keen to shout out the names of the animals and talk about the different colours of each animal. When continuing to develop their vocabulary outside in the farm, Oasis was impressed by Axel´s participation when talking about the names of each of the animals in the farm. He was able to correctly identify each of the animals and was confident to mimic them by showing the appropriate sound and movement for each animal. In maths the children have been focusing on numbers. Gabrielle was very happy with Julien as he has been extremely confident to identify and name the numbers to 10. He was then able to correctly count out the quantity, using bears, for each of the numbers. The children have also been focusing on shapes. Oasis was very happy with how well Sergi is able to recognise a circle. He has developed a really good awareness of the shape and its formation. He was especially confident when creating a flower circle and he made sure to correctly stick the flowers to create a circle. Katie was also very good at identifying 2D shapes. She was very engaged when doing a shape hunt and Gabrielle was very impressed with how keen Katie was to say the name of the different thing in the farm, which were made from the different 2D shapes. This week Oasis has been telling me how happy she is with Kai and Ona´s concentration. They are now both participating very well and completing all of the activities. Kai was also very encouraging with the younger children; helping them to do the activities.
The KS1 children (Marcel, Jordi, Carla, Joana, Thais, Arlet and Noa) have been working with number lines. They were ordering the numbers to ten and then completing addition and subtraction, using a physical number line. Marcel was very confident with both addition and subtraction and was working on adding and subtracting three step number problems.  Jo was also really happy with Jordi during maths time as he now becoming really confident and independent when adding and subtracting numbers. During topic time, the children have been learning about family. They have been identifying the different people in their families and drawing family portraits. Jo was very happy with Arlet as she drew a very nice family portrait and was able to independently write characteristics for each family member. Jo was impressed by how much Carla wanted to speak about the different people in her family and she is really happy to see that Noa is now speaking more and has been keen to learn and use different words to describe the members of her family. Joana and Thais are also speaking much more and were confident to explain not only the people but the various pets they have in their family. It is great to see how much confidence all of the children are gaining when speaking English and they are all trying really hard to contribute in class discussions.
The KS2 children (Arnau, Nil, Tatiana, Judit, Sara B, Sara, Blanca and Sofia) have been working on 3D shapes in maths. Gabrielle was very impressed with Nil´s ability to recognise how many vertices and faces the 3D shapes have, when looking at them on a 2D sheet of paper. He was then very confident to create his own triangular prism, using a net. Sara B also worked very hard and was extremely motivated to create 3D shapes, using nets. She was also then very confident to identify how many faces, edges and vertices each shape has. On our 3D shape hunt I was very impressed with Sara and the enthusiasm she had when finding the different 3D shapes within our farm environment. She was very keen to identify different objects, which were formed by different 3D shapes and she became very confident to use the correct names for each of the 3D shapes. The children have also been learning about family. Gabrielle was very proud of Arnau as he was very confident to explain the relationship links with different families and could independently say the names of the corresponding family members in English. Judit also worked really hard when exploring genetics. She enjoyed learning about how brothers and sisters can be very different when from the same two parents. She thought very carefully and did a great job of drawing three children, who shared different characteristics from their mother and father. Judit was able to explain in detail the characteristics the children got from each parent. In punctuation and grammar, we have continued to work on speech marks. I am so proud of all of the children as they have made great progress when using speech marks. Tatiana and Sofia have particularly impressed me as they are now able to use speech marks completely independently. We have also been working on our dictionary skills. Blanca has been very concentrated and keen to use the dictionary to ensure that she is correctly spelling each of the focus words correctly. I was so happy when she told me that she had learnt the meanings of lots of new words when completing the activity.
This week, we also visited the library to find books for our new animal topic. The children were extremely motivated to find books in English and we ended up with a pile of more than 30 books about animals. They were very well -behaved and now really understand the importance of being quiet and well behaved in a library.

We have had a great and very busy week.  Have a nice weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

dissabte, 4 de març de 2017

Presentation Projects

This week we have welcomed another new friend, Cloe, into the class. Cloe isn´t quite three yet but I have been so impressed with how well she has settled and how quickly she has adapted to the class routines. Chloe has really enjoyed exploring the different corners of the class and it has been great to see how independent she has become when taking part in the different activities. It is a pleasure to welcome you to our class, Cloe.
Although we have only had four days this week, we have been very busy and have done lots of very fun things. The EYFS children (Julien, Cloe, Axel, Kai, Luke, Sergi, Katie and Ona) have been busy learning all about our family and the names we use for the different members of our family. Ona, Kai and Sergi worked really hard with Oasis to re-create their own home. They explored pictures of lots of different family members and had to select the correct people from their own family. Sergi did a fantastic job of remembering all of the people in his family. Kai and Ona were also very engaged in the activity and were keen to talk about their families and try to use the English words. In maths, we have been learning about shapes. Julien and Katie enjoyed working with Gabrielle to locate all of the different shapes in our school environment. They really enjoyed learning about how our environment is made up of shapes and they were both very motivated, when realising they could use clipboards to record their results. This week, we have continued to explore our role-play hospital. Axel has been becoming more engaged with his friends´ activities and he has enjoyed taking part in simple hospital role-play, using the different medical instruments. Unfortunately, Luke has not managed to join us this week as he has been poorly. We hope he feels better and can join us again next week.
The KS1 children (Jordi, Arlet, Joana, Thais, Marcel, Carla and Noa) have also been working on shapes in their maths lessons. They also had a great time exploring their environment with the clipboards, looking for all of the shapes which make up different objects. All of the children were amazed when realising that everything in our world is made up of shapes. Jo was very impressed with the Noa´s tally chart, as she carefully placed a tally for each shape she saw. She was then able to confidently identify the shape which was most popular and had the most tally marks. The children also had the opportunity to go outside and find different sticks and piece of wood, which they then used to create different shapes. Marcel did a fantastic job of using the wood to make shapes and he was very confident to name all of the shapes he made. Jordi also really enjoyed this activity and he was really pleased to share the triangular block of wood which he had found. He proudly displayed it in the classroom. As part of our topic, the children have continued to learn about clothes, focusing on the different clothes we wear in each season. Jo was very impressed with Arlet, who was able to select many clothes which we wear in each season. She then wrote a fantastic sentence for each season, to explain why she wears her chosen object in that particular season. Carla is continuing to develop confidence when speaking in English and it is impressive to see how many clothes she is now able to name in English. The children then moved on to learn about family and the different people they have in their families. Joana and Thais loved working together to talk about their family and it was lovely to see how proud they were when explaining that they were sisters. They were both also very confident to explain in English about the different pets, which they have in their family.
The KS2 children (Arnau, Nil, Judit, Sara B, Blanca, Sofia, Sara and Tatiana) have been working extremely hard, preparing their end of topic project about the human body. Arnau, Sofia, Blanca and Sara worked fantastically as a team to create a flipchart presentation all about the brain. Blanca did a fantastic job drawing, labelling and explaining the different parts of the brain and the functions which they have. She was also very keen and independent when researching about the different diseases which the brain can develop. She loved finding images to show that the different illnesses have on the brain. Sofia and Sara worked really well together, researching the differing ways in which the left and right sides of the brain work. They were both very creative in their approach, drawing all of the different things which each side of the brain does, inside their own brain diagram. Arnau did a great job of working in a team and he was very keen to be involved. It was great to see him out his fantastic art skills to good use, when drawing a very detailed picture of the brain. Tatiana, Judit, Sara B and Nil worked to create a flipchart about the heart. Tatiana was very creative in her approach, when deciding that she wanted to recreate the circulatory system, using blue and red plasticine, to represent the oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood which is pumped to the brain and around the body. She did a fantastic job of explaining her model and was extremely confident and enthusiastic during the presentation as she very effectively involved the audience in each part of the presentation. Sara B was also very creative, when deciding that she wanted to create a story as her way to explain how the circulatory system works. She did a great job of finding all of her own cartoon pictures and then used these as props to explain how the red blood cells travel through the blood and how the white blood cells are there to fight infection. I was very impressed with how confidently she told the story to the audience, without the use of a prompt sheet. Judit did a fantastic job of finding lots of information about the heart. She was keen to describe it´s appearance and the way in which its size differs, depending on our age. Judit was a fantastic group organiser and she worked really hard to ensure that everyone was involved in the project. I was very impressed with how keen Nil was to be part of the project. He did a great job of typing ´cool facts´ about the heart and then read them out brilliantly during the presentation.
The EYFS and KS1 also did a fantastic job of singing their human body songs within the presentation and I was very proud of how well they remembered the actions for each song. Well done to Jordi, Joana and Arlet for bravely speaking aloud and introducing each of the songs to the audience.
Finally, we were very lucky this week to have a visit from Ona´s grandfather, who is a paediatric doctor. He provided a very fun and interactive session for the children and they had the opportunity to use lots of real medical equipment, to check their friend’s ears, throat and heart rates. The children were very keen to listen to all of the information he provided and they asked him many questions about a varied range of topics, regarding their health, diet and different parts of their body. It was great to see how interested the children were and it really was a fantastic way for them to consolidate what they knew and learn lots of new information from a real doctor. A big thank you to Ona´s grandfather. You did a great job!

Have a good weekend everyone. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.