dijous, 25 d’octubre de 2012

Baking biscuits

Today we had a great fun day at home. As always after breakfast we start the day off with the girls homework. We have been playing a new alphabet game now everyday with words rather than just letters as the girls grow more confidence everyday with really learning the meaning of new words and not just associating them with a conversation. The girls started their homework today by writing in thier diarys and they are really starting to remember the correct spelling of English words more and more. After this we covered some English and  maths work from the girls books and Jordi choose to join in on homework time today deciding to work on his art!

After some time in the garden on their new roller blades, Judit and Sara decided they would like to bake. They found the recepie they would like to make and hunted out all of the ingredience and weighed it all out. They decided to make biscuits and done a great job making them whilst Jordi looked on excitedly. The biscuits turned out nice and the girls had great fun making them and licking the spoons! Sara and Judit done a very good job of following instructions and working with scales not to mention eating them which Jordi also helped with!