dimarts, 30 d’octubre de 2012

Homemade money games and pumpkins

So today we had fun and played some money games. Sara and Judit both love to play shop so we decided to make our own money. The girls made the 1 and 2 euro coins and we all made the note´s together so now we have our own new game which was completly hand made! Today we practised giving out change so we pretended we were in a cafe where I had to give the girls my order and they would tell me the amount and would have to return my change. Here is a vidoe of Sara working out and giving me my correct change.

Sara and Judit both enjoyed the excersice and thought of it as more of a game even though they were learning so much by playing it they both had a lot of fun and are already asking when we can set up a pretend shop with the prices they must also add up. They both done really well so we will spend some more time working with the money we have made and then the girls can have a game with some real euros!
Tomorrow is Halloween and Judit and Sara have really been looking forward to making their pumpkins. We have had them in the house for around a week so they have done very well to wait untill today! After homework both the girls drew out on paper the faces they wanted to carve in their pumpkins (the both wanted to have the scariest face) They had a pumpkin each so after cutting the tops off, both girls and little Jordi went to work scooping out the contents.

They both drew on the faces and carefully carved them out, both girls decided Sara´s was the scariest! Here is Sara and Judit looking very proud of their work. 

After being so patient for a week waiting to carve the pumpkins the girls could wait no longer to light them so we found a dark space under the stairs where Sara, Judit and Jordi all crawled under and we lit the pumpkins which looked great and we all agreed even more scary in the dark!!