diumenge, 24 d’abril de 2016

Adverbs and poetry

This week Sara and Judit learned how to break down a larger piece of text into a brief, to the point summary. They were proficient and felt confident in taking out the important elements from a piece of text and interpret them in their own words. To start, I gave them copies of “The Emperor's New Clothes”, after reading the story and discussing some of the unknown words we walked slowly through some steps in order to identify the characters and their qualities (i.e. the self-conceited emperor). Furthermore, we discussed what the character's goal is. Next, we worked to figure out the obstacle that is getting in the way of the character reaching their goal and lastly we discussed the way the character reacted to the problem. Following these steps, the girls were able to write a summary and familiarize with new describing words such as “vain” and “self-conceited”.
In math, we revised fractions, decimals and factors and they completed the tests on their math textbooks. They also mastered different ways to represent fractions on paper and adding decimals.
Jordi learned how to do simple addition and practiced numbers with “color by number” worksheets.
He also worked on word identification by recognizing sight words within sentences which helped develop his language and cognitive skills.
In science, Sara and Judit learned about the physical properties of the Moon. They compared these to the properties of the Earth to determine how life would be different for people living on the Moon. After reading a text which provided them with facts about the moon and after having gained an insight regarding the dissimilarities between Moon and Earth, they answered some questions which tested their comprehension of the text. They also had to fill in the gaps in a fiction text about gravity which gave them the freedom to pick their own scientific terms and come up with an imaginative narrative.

In English the girls learned how to distinguish verbs from adverbs. They were asked to locate the adverbs and verbs from ten given sentences. They also created their own sentences using adverbs of manner and frequency. We finished the week by doing poetry reading. We read out loud the poem “Sick” by Shel Silverstein which was really entertaining and followed a rhythmic pattern that the girls enjoyed reciting. Together with Jordi and Sergi we cut out our envelopes with our names that we tied together in a string and created a special place for sending mails to one another. Then we ended our lessons by writing letters to each other.