dijous, 28 d’abril de 2016

St. George

The girls’ learning, this week in maths, has had a focus on correctly using decimal numbers. First of all they understood and recognised the value of each digit in the number when using the decimal point. We discussed where decimals are used. More notably with money and measurements. The girls got used to putting the numbers on a number line and then rounding the decimal number to the nearest whole number or tenth.
Jordi had practised his counting with adding small groups of number to make a total that is less than fifteen. He practised counting the squares to add and wrote the correct number digits. He is now beginning to learn to count back from ten to blast off.
Judit and Sara then learned some words that they practised with a spelling test. These are key words that the girls will be using in their story writing for next week as they will be writing stories that are based on the legend theme, this ties in with the current celebration of St Jordi or George, who fights a dragon to save the life of a princess. The girls did look at a retelling of the legend, they were able to pick out as many adjectives and descriptive phrases that summarised and described the dragon and George. To get their ideas underway for their legend stories the girls began to create their character profile for their main character they chose to use women as their main characters. They thought about their strengths and weaknesses.
Jordi was able to prove that he could spell words by breaking up the sounds and blending the sounds. He did brilliantly in knowing his CVC words such as man, pan, can, cat, hat and bat. We are definitely ready to try out some new sounds to read in the next week. Jordi’s writing is also doing very well, especially as he was able use his blending and checking to write letters.

Sergi was following instructions to recognise and colour in certain shapes correctly and to continue patterns.