dimarts, 8 de novembre de 2011

Building a hen-hut! (or how to get very mucky with things that don't wash off...)

The chickens are all happy in their new home, but they aren't laying eggs yet! They should start soon, but seeing as hens lay much fewer eggs in the winter, we decided to make them a nice house with proper perches and proper nestboxes, so they have somewhere nice and warm to lay eggs and to sleep.

We found some perfect wood boards which were very recently the ceiling in the hallway! We have varnished them (and most of Sara and Judit's hands, faces, clothes.... TOP TIP: varnish does not come off: keep away from children... oops!)

Anyway, now the house is finally starting to take shape, I've only whacked myself on the thumb with the hammer twice... so far!

We'll keep you updated with pictures and videos as we go along; here's the building work so far: