dimecres, 30 de novembre de 2011

Chickens, bike races and silly faces...

Wow, it's been way too long since I last posted anything on here! we've been very busy with cycling, chickens, homework and playing! As always, everyday we write the date and our news from yesterday, the girls do this better every week, it's amazing and brilliant watching judit slowly learn how to spell by writing things and checking them and changing them, and eventually remembering them! Sara's writing has improved loads too, she now writes almost a full page every day and does some checking too!

I have been helping organise, and then raced a bike race close to home. I was so pleased that the girls came to watch me, and they drew some brilliant pictures of the race:

Afterwards we had a silly play with my prizes.... !!!!!
(yes those are stickers.... yes they hurt taking them off my eyebrows!!!!)

We have been feeding the chickens out of our hands - at first the girls were terrified, but once they tried, they realised it doesn't hurt at all!! The hens were so pleased with Sara and Judit feeding them (and with my house of course...) that they started laying eggs!! Here are lots of videos: