divendres, 2 d’agost de 2013


As important as all the learning activities and games the children play to aid their development in a home school environment it is also important that they learn how to live and be independent and this week we have  made a video showing the typical tasks the children do on a weekly basis. From cooking lunch by themselves by following recipes, to how they understand the importance of working as a team to get tasks like cleaning completed and working together to help each other out when someone needs it. It is a big part of the development for all children and Sara, Judit and even little Jordi really thrive on carrying out these tasks. This week was spaghetti, by following the recipe the girls not only learn cooking skills but also as they are the ones making the food they start to question where it comes from, which country and how it is made, so they are learning all the time. We also made donuts along with a big mess but as you can see everybody helped out to clean up and  follow our daily chores like collecting the eggs.