dimecres, 28 d’agost de 2013


Today we spent some time working on Calligrams, Sara and Judit both having understood the task of shape poems and finding words which uses the way the letters are written to add to the meaning of the words then used the dictionary to look for possible words they could both use. This was a really fun exercise as it had both girls really understanding the words they were looking for, what the words do  (describing) and they got to use their imagination and creativity to complete the task but colouring, cutting and sticking. Sara went for small, happy, sad, big and beautiful, Judit for thin beautiful, big and wobbly! It was interesting also as it made Sara and Judit think about which certain colours they relate to different words and feelings and why they associate these together, which was interesting and something we are going to work more on. Also in the clip you will see another small piece of video today from Judit working on her English book and really impressing today!