dijous, 3 d’octubre de 2013

Colours, numbers and sign language

So this week the summer has well and truely left us untill next year but the dark nights and dark mornings mean we get to wake up and take pictures like this one!
So this week Jordi has been really enjoying working on his numbers and colours so we decided to combine them in a game of find the number and the colour. He got to run around chasing numbers and colours in the school room and really enjoyed it, also his English has always been very good with listening but latley he has really started to reply and speak in English during the day which is excellent so we played a game of match up in English and as you can see he understands very well what he is looking for!
Last week Sara and Judit started to learn sign language, so far we have learned the Alphabet and have moved into basic words, they are enjoying it so much and also it is teaching them to understand the importance of communication in all types of ways.
To add to our busy week here is a photograph of this kids with their new Project 'Under the sea' not only are they loving learning about the facts and science of the subject they are also very excited as at the end of it we will take a trip to the aquarium so they can see up close all they have learned about it!