divendres, 11 d’octubre de 2013


Last week as it was Jordi´s birthday we decided to do a fun activity he would enjoy, as jordis´favorite thing in the world seems to be tractors we decided to make him one! All we used was some old boxes we found lying around, some cellotape, scissors and crayons. We started by finding a picture and figuring out how we could make that shape, we then drew it onto the cardboard and cut it out. Jordi choose the colours and shape he wanted and everybody joined in making it, stcking it and colouring it. This turned out a brilliant activity as all the children got to use their imagination to turn something from cardboard into a tractor, it was also pretty much a free activity as we did not have to  buy anything new to make it, Plus Jordi was so happy with his new tractor he did not want to leave it!