divendres, 29 de novembre de 2013

Vocabulary games

Jordi enjoys to learn but when we are having one on one time learning he really thrives, so when the girls go to tennis lessons, me and Jordi spend time working on numbers, colours and words . We have some different picture cards which are always great to use for general vocabulary and as you will see Jordi is learning well with these,  also in the video if you listen closely when he is shown the picture of the shoes he replies, feet! So not only he is learning words but also association. Jordi loves to play with a game we have for spelling which is too advanced for him so we use the game and make up our own rules using colours, which he recognizes all in English, numbers, which he counts out in English and we use letters which he can also now identify. The amount of English Jordi is now speaking on a day to day basis is brilliant and he seems really keen to learn new words and he is trying to put together sentences!