divendres, 17 de gener de 2014

Matilda review

This week as we finished reading Matilda and also got to watch the movie as a treat, Sara and Judit both completed reviews of the book and we made a big poster about Matilda. Sara and Judit and even Little Jordi really enjoyed the story and they really got into the magic of Roald Dahl so when we decided to make a big poster they were very excited and as everyone wanted to colour and write about Matilda, we ended up having to share that one! We showed the different characters in the story and gave a little information of who they were. Sara and Judit also wrote a small review about the book. Sara decided her favourite part was when Bruce had to eat all the chocolate cake and Judit liked when the newt was in the Trunchbulls water glass and they both agreed they loved the parts when Matilda did magic! This has been a great Project, something that has covered lots of different things, from reading, watching and listening, drawing and writing and it was also a lot of fun along the way!