dijous, 26 de juny de 2014

Hannah is back

Hello everybody, I'm back!
My name is Hannah and I once Au Paired for the girls in the summer of 2012. As two years have passed since I last taught the girls, I have been testing their maths, science and English to see how much they have learnt since, and what they still remember.
To start, I made them each read a chapter of a young children's book, then asked them questions afterwards to make sure they understood what they had just read. Judit understood perfectly, but Sara was a Little confused. i re-phrased the questions and she understood much better than before.
For Jordi we all played a game called "Stop the Bus". For Judit and Sara it was a chance to practice their English, but for Jordi it was a chance to learn English and Maths. At first he didn't understand the game, but now he really likes counting how many people he can add to his bus, and has widened his English vocabulary.