dijous, 20 de setembre de 2012

Goodbye Summer!

...And goodbye Hannah!
Today is the last day of my amazing summer over here in Spain! :(
But I´ve had an amazing time thanks to these three little monkeys children and their wonderful parents! It´s been amazing to see them grow and develop, chase after hens and finally learn to cook a Spanish omelette. Sara and Judit have improved their reading, writing (well, we´re still working on that) and vocabulary so much, and to hear Baby Jordi finally talking and ´dancing´! (well, he´s trying. It´s a start though!)

As a special treat we decieded we´d make a chocolate fondue on the last day! So this morning we searched for anything that would taste yummy with chocolate (not too hard to find!). Judit and I ended up pealing and chopping lots of fruit, while Sara was put on Chocolate-watch duty with Jordi. It tasted really yummy but for some crazy reason Judit thinks cheese fondue is still better!

We made Chocolate lollipops afterwards, which was even more messy than the Chocolate fondue! They are in the fridge now, but I´m sure Judit and Sara will report how tasty they are once they´re done!

And then lastly this morning Sara helped me make Fajitas for lunch! She´s a good little chef, and even suggested adding cheese. It was a good suggestion! Yum!

And of course I have so many people to thank for making this Summer so amazing! I want to thank all of Maria´s and Jordi´s family who I´ve met and all looked after me so well. Despite the large language barrier you all made me feel right at home, so thank you very much! I´d also like to thank Jo for helping me out with getting to know Mataro and speaking Catalan for me when I couldn´t (and for being a great friend)! And last but in no way least, I´m beyond grateful for Maria and Jordi´s kindess and giving me this opportunity in the first place! Thank you so, so, SO much and I´m sure it won´t be too long until I see you all again! (hehe!) :)

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Maria i Jordi ha dit...

Thank you Hannah for all this months you help us so much with the kids and the house, and the hens, and so on... The girls are already missing you, and they are hoping to see you again here or London, or Cambridge... Good luck at university! Take care and lots of love!

HannahBt ha dit...

Thank YOU so much Maria! I miss everyone too and am hoping to them over there, in London or where I live! You can tell the girls to expect some post soon! :)
Once more, thank you very much and I hope you all take care too! Lots and lots of love!