divendres, 28 de setembre de 2012

Playing, learning and introductions

Hi, my name is Natalie and I am the new AuPair. It´s has been a very busy and fun first week with the children and they have been so welcoming. This week the girls have showed me their math and writing skills everyday and where they need help and where they excellerate. When working with the girls on their times tables we played a game where they must find me the answer to the times table question I had asked them after I placed the numbers around the house. Both girls really enjoyed working out the answer and running around looking for the answers.  The girls also helped make a numbers game, they also really enjoyed playing.
After finishing all of their math and writing homework, we decided to make life size pictures of the girls, I drew round them and cut it out and the girls loved colouring in "themselves". Sarah wanted to be a pink princess and Judit wanted  to be a green princess!

The girls plaing the game they made themselves
After visiting a farm and seeing all the cows the other day the girls wanted to know how milk was made, so we watched a video of the prosess and afterwards I quized them on what they learned and they put it into a report and now are already talking of what they would like to learn next week! 

We have also had fun outdoors, we had to seperate the small chickens away from the large ones which is not as easy as it sounds but Jordi, Sara and Judith manages it perfectly.