divendres, 14 de desembre de 2012

Bus game

We have been busy playing this week with new games and also some new English homework books which they really needed as they are working through them so fast! The girls got a great new game where they must work their counters around a board using the dice. The counters are buses and for every stop they land on they are given a plus or minus and must use the numbers on the dice to either gain or loose passengers. It is a really good game to help them with fast addition and subtractions plus the girls have had alot of fun with it and we have played it eveyday this week! We also picked up some flash cards to help Sara and Judit with their reading and pronunciation which has been an excellent excersise, it really helps to pick out where they are going wrong and correct it. We have also made some of our own flash cards with words and sounds I know the girls both maybe struggle a little with and the improvment in just a week has been amazing. Sara and Judit in perticular are loving this excersise and we have now moved on to not only saying the word but they now also give me an example of the word in a sentence!
We decided to try an experiment from one of the new science books this week, we had a plastic bottle with a hole in the bottom and a straw inserted in it. We then put in the bottle vinegar and bicarbonate soda and secured the lid, when the bottle is placed onto water it starts to foam and creats its own engine and starts to power it´s self! Sara and Judit as always love science and had alot of fun but as we were working with water little Jordi loved it too.
As always, as well as all the homework and learning we found plenty of time for fun. This week we made some more christmas decorations and hung them up and had an afternoon of fun with plasticine, Sara and Judit decided we were having a pretend birthday party so we had lots of pretend cakes and food which is a pitty as it all looks good enough to eat!