dijous, 6 de desembre de 2012

Spelling, cakes and games

 This week we have an amazing video from a few days this week. When the camera switches on the girls tend to become shy so when we were doing our homework this week I switched the record button on and the girls were unaware and we managed to get some really nice footage. Also you pick things up you may not see at the time, look for little Jordi "plugging in" the wire and making the machine noise!
On Tuesday we decided to have pancakes for a treat and I think both Sara and Judit had almost as much fun making them as they did eating them! Judit even managed to flip hers! This week Sara and Judit have been working alot on their spelling, it tends to be the same mistakes they are making so we played a spelling game where I will read out in sections of ten the words they get wrong most and at the end of each block we mark the spelling and talk about the mistakes. The girls are really enjoying this at the moment and in the video you will hear them asking to do more spelling, a few days this week again we have been doing homework for hours and not even noticed the time! Also listen how well both girls speak English, for two girls of their age their ability to speak and understand another language is brilliant.
As always with all the homework we also had a lot of fun, making up games, running around and making cakes and cookies and this week Sarah and Judit even decided they were going to start to tidy up which they done without being asked.