dimarts, 13 de gener de 2015

Cheese tarts

Today we were baking and it was Judit´s turn to pick what we would bake, she decided to bake some cheese tarts. We started off by collecting everything we needed to make the dough and began to make the dough. Judit, Sara and Jordi all helped each other to mix the ingredients together and then to roll it out and cut out circles to put into the molds we then grated some cheese and placed it into each mold. Judit then mixed the egg and milk together to pour into the cheese tarts and then put them into the oven to back.
This activity helps the children develop their counting and measuring skills in English. Jordi has improved a lot with his spoken English and is now answering more and more in English rather than Catalan. Both Judit and Sara are very good at their spoken English and improving with every activity they do as well as Jordi.