diumenge, 11 d’octubre de 2015

Shapes and polygons

This week has been a busy one. Jordi and Sergi have been learning to be more independant and do some work on their own. Jordi has improved at writing his letters and also sounding out and blending new 3 letter words. He has also improved the writing of his name as we practise writing it every chance we can! We are now learning a new song called ’ten green bottles hanging on the wall’ to practise counting to 10. The children all enjoyed collecting bottles and singing the song outside.
Sara and Judit learned all about shapes this week. New words such as vertices, edges,corners and sides were all used to figure out the 2d shapes and polygons. They made a beautiful display to help them remember each of the shapes. They also have enjoyed reading more of ‘The Witches’ where they learned how to tell which ladies are witches! They are really enjoying the story!
During Literacy the girls continued to work hard on their spellings for the week,putting them into sentences and writing qüestions with them also.  On Friday they got 100% in their tests. They did some work on connectives/conjunctions learning how to connect one sentence to another.

For art this week we learned how to weave paper. All the children chose two colours of paper and then enjoyed cutting and weaving the paper and the final product was beautiful.