diumenge, 4 d’octubre de 2015

Singular and plural

This week the children have been working extremely hard with their new english teacher Saoirse. Jordi and Sergi have been looking back on their initial sounds, learning the letters s a t p i and n. We worked on the sounds, words that started with that sound and sang a song for each letter. We also played games using each letter and learned how to form it. Jordi learned the tricky words I and the and put them in silly sentences. The boys worked hard during maths time as well, counting and learning how to write numbers 1-5. It was a great chance to improve their formation of the numbers and Jordi especially loved counting objects and writing the correct number. They loved learning the song ´5 little speckled frogs´´ . They also did a lot of practise of cutting, Sergi improved his technique a lot during this week.
Judit and Sara have put in a lot of hard work this week. Every day they have started with mental maths, a great way to improve on their tables. They have also been doing a short reading comprehension each day and learning to use full sentences in their answers. They then worked hard on singular and plural words. They had a lot of rules to remember but worked very well and impressed me with their knowledge. We have started to read the novel ´The Witches. In the coming weeks we will start a workbook based on the story.

The children have been fabulous this week at tidying up and keeping their school room tidy and organised. It is a very important part of the learning and will have a positive effect on their daily learning. They loved singing the clean up song!