diumenge, 25 d’octubre de 2015

The Witches

New sounds this week for Jordi and Sergi included o, u, l, f and b. We sang the jolly phonics songs, played a game relating to each letter and then made 3 letter words using the letters we know. Jordi is improving at sounding out sounds in words and becoming more confident at finding the correct letter. I have been using the website www.starfall.com as an exciting way to practise simple words.
We had a morning of fun and games to end the week. We made a fort and built a brick house strong enough to hold us all! Then we played memory games and board games together, a great way for the boys to learn that we must take turns.

We also as a special treat got to watch the witches movie. It was a little bit scary in parts but we loved seeing the story acted out. We did notice lots of differences and Sara and Judit wondered why certain parts had been left out or changed. We thought the book was better but we much preferred the ending of the movie!