diumenge, 22 de novembre de 2015

Healthy lifestyles

This week has seen some progress in punctuation, identifying letters and words, project making and design.
After focusing on prefixes and suffixes, we have been learning about and then using apostraphes. We started with some examples, then learnt what they are used for and how they can benefit your writing in ways such as shortening sentences and making Language more fluent. Afterwards, one stage at a time we did sets of qüestions that included putting apostraphes in correct places, learning when to use and when not to use them and making our own examples. Everyone showed great understanding and managed to make the association with when they are used in speaking.
We have also worked on a number of projects this week, which would include Picking an end subject- for exemple healthy lifestyles, then Picking a way to present it such as a poster, followed by identifying the correct books and using the internet to find information. Research is an importat skill, as is identifying the most relevant information and putting i tinto your own words for presentation. We did this really well and ended up with some nice booklets and posters, including pictures and information.
Jordi and Sergi did some focus on identifying words and letters in word search paterns. Sergi showed some skill in identifying letters, such as E, I and A, which is impressive given his age and the amount of other letters on the page. He would also be able to pronounce them when he found them. Jordi showed some good work in identifying words and working on pronouncing them, and has developed a lot over the past few weeks. He is also very efficient at copying down words and letters in his own handwriting, and is becoming very fast at doing so. More importantly, he shows enthusiasm when doing these exercises. Sergi also did a lot of drawing shapes and colouring, and Jordi has been joining in on the projects.
Every morning we have worked through maths, science and grammar text books. The most recent maths work included using coordinates as well as long division. Sara and Judit have been exceling in Ggrammar and show an interest in science.
We have also read parts of the History Encyclopedia. After reading though, we would write our own summaries and then read them to one another. We would also draw pictures, this has helped show memory skill and reinforced the learning. Our focus in history was in early human beings and their origins.

The girls have also shown keen interest in multiplication quizzes, where a card would be read out and the first person to call the answer would receive the card. The one with the most cards would win. The games were always very close and exciting, and very much enjoyed!