diumenge, 1 de novembre de 2015

Measurement activities

This week we have been very busy and the children have learned lots of new things! This week we focused on measurement and the children have been doing measurement activities all week. Judit and Sara measured 10 items and then put them in order from the smallest item to the largest. They also have been converting measurements, for instance converting cm into mm. Jordi completed a worksheet where he had to cut out a picture of a ruler and then measure the pictures. He had lots of fun and was very good at measuring the pencils
Jordi and Sergi have also been singing the song ´Five little ducks´ this week, which they have really loved. Jordi and Sergi counted how many ducks were on the screen and Jordi was able to say how many ducks were left once one had swam away. Also for maths this week, Jordi has been doing lots of subtractions, where he´s been using wooden bricks and beads to help him. Additionally, the boys have also been learning about the sounds z, j, ou and ng this week.
The children have also been reading the story ´The BFG´ this week. After listening to a chapter, Judit and Sara would then go and summarise in their own words what had just happened. They would then go and complete a worksheet which had questions on to check their knowledge and understanding of the book. On one of the days Judit, Sara and Jordi wrote a letter for the BFG and asked him questions about information they would like to know.

To end the week we all had a game of the garden version of ´Snakes and Ladder´. Jordi and Sergi enjoyed counting how many dots were on the dice and how many steps they had to take. Judit and Sara worked together to make sure Jordi and Sergi understood the rules f the game and that they took the right amount of steps!