diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2015

Using power point

This week the children have being doing lots of activities and projects about a variety of things! At the beginning of the week Judit and Sarah were learning about angles in maths, they learnt about an acute, obtuse and a right angle. After they had learnt the information they were then given worksheets to complete. The worksheet tested their knowledge about the information they had just learnt and identified any of their weaknesses which we could then work on.
Sergi has been learning the colours this week, we used coloured cups as a fun way of trying to remember them. He´s getting really good at remembering blue and purple now! Sergi has also been doing a lot of counting, he´s been repeating the numbers 1-10 after me. Jordi has also been going over his numbers this week. He gets confused between the numbers 8 and 9, so we´ve been trying to learn these so he gets them correct. Jordi has been using worksheets to do subtraction and addition, as well as using objects such as pencils, bricks and counters to help him count.
Judit and Sara used PowerPoint on the computer to create a presentation on a science topic of their choice. Sarah chose to do ´under the sea´ and Judit chose to do ´all about animals´. They used the internet to research for information, picking out the most relevant to present on the PowerPoint. On Friday, they then presented their final PowerPoint on the projector, they were really good!

Also this week, Judit and Sara created a poster on rivers and plants. They enjoyed reading about the information before they wrote the information down on the paper. Jordi also created a book where he drew a picture and then wrote the word underneath. This improved his writing skills as well as making sure he knew what the object was in English.

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Anònim ha dit...

Quina passada!Molt bona feina!
Gràcies per compartir les vostres activitats, idees i mètodes d'aprenentatge. Jo encara tinc les nenes petitones però ja estic impacient per utilitzar el Power Point.
Avui faré l'activitat dels gots de colors per la meva petita!
A reveure,

Jordi&Maria ha dit...

Gràcies Marina!