diumenge, 15 de novembre de 2015

Wild weather

The children have learnt lots of new things this week! We finished reading the BFG and started reading a new book by Jacqueline Wilson called ´Best Friends´. We would read a chapter of the book and then have a discussion about what had happened to check their understanding. Also, Judit and Sara would write a review on each chapter to ensure that they understood what happened.
In maths, Judit and Sara have been learning about rounding. They have been rounding a number to the nearest 10 and 100. They rounded a variety of different skills to test their ability and strengthen their skills. Jordi has been practising adding and subtracting, he´s especially enjoyed using the bricks to help him! The girls also had lots of fun drawing to large scales and placing the numbers 1-10 in the correct section. The sections were 2 times table, 3 times table, both or neither. This was a fun way for the girls to check their knowledge involving the times tables.
Additionally, in science Judit and Sarah used their workbook to create a large poster on the topic wild weather. They had fun learning about the differences between a hurricane and a tornado. Also, they learnt lots of interesting information e.g. why a tornado occurs. Judit helped Sara understand the information by explaining it to her, which also helped Judit understand the information.

Sergi has been learning colours this week. I would ask him to go and collect an object of a certain colour and then he would go off and collect it. He was able to identify the colour red and blue by himself and the others with a bit of help. Sergi has also been using flash cards to count the pictures. Furthermore, Jordi has been learning about the time. He enjoyed using a worksheet to match the picture with the writing, he was very good at it!