dijous, 28 de gener de 2016

Character profile

This week the girls Judit and Sara, looked at a new book by Kevin Crossley Holland called ‘Storm’. We looked at the character Annie and where she lived and thought about how different it is to our own setting. We used a comparing chart to think up some facts to decide what was the same and different with Annie and the girl’s lives. We then did a character profile on Annie’s character (she was the main character from the book). When we got up to chapter 4 we decided to think of what would happen next in the story. I wonder if Judit and Sara were right about how they thought the story would end? Then they wrote a letter to Annie using key questions we could ask her. After we read the last chapters the girls wrote a new chapter with the ghost.
Through the course of the week, the girls have been checking back through their understanding of editing sentences to check that they make sense and that there are full stops and capital letters in place.
Sergi and Jordi have been looking at the letter sounds ‘a’ and ‘o’ when they have been reading. We played some on-line games to hear how the letters were pronounced. Then we looked at the short story ‘cat and dog.’   Both boys had a go at sounding out the letters and blending them in the words correctly. Jordi stuck the pictures from the story with the correct sentences and writing the missing words to complete the sentences and Sergi had a go at matching the words to the pictures. Jordi is getting faster at forming the letters and completing the words in his writing.
In their science work, the girls looked at the units ‘living things’ and ‘Ecosystems’ They read through the science units independently and checked that they understood some of the tricky words and ideas. They then did a short comprehension test based on the units to show that they understood what they are learning, they are completing their power point projects of their units.