dijous, 7 de gener de 2016

Picture trains

This week we have made even more progress in researching for projects and putting together presentations, as well as some great grammar and maths exercises and a big clean.
For presenting this week we used the science book for subjects and then had a few set exercises, such as presentations on the weather and climates from around the world. Judith and Sara used their ICT skills to search the internet for the best websites providing facts on these subjects. These websites included the BBC, science for children and the University of Manchester for children website. They found a healthy combination of reading, listening and videos as well as diagrams and pictures. Their skill at breaking down large amounts of information into bitesized facts has really improved, this showed in their presentations and discussions. 
Jordi and Sergi showed interest in their presentations, and were keen to help set them up and help them run. They also drew inspiration from the pictures and used it to make some of their own. Jordi and Sergi both made ‘picture trains’, which would include five or six pictures with a theme, that they would then stick together to make one larger picture. Jordi has shown real improvement of writing words from memory, as well as recognising words and speaking them. He was trying to fill a whole notebook this week with at least a word on each page, and is almost there!
Judith and Sara also worked through a lot of maths and grammar. This included adding and taking away in tens, hundreds and single digits. They would use examples like money to break down digits into their meanings, such as £1 as 100 pence, and perform sums with them. In grammar, they focused on re writing sentences to use forms such as ‘I/she/they should’, and then the negative form. They would do this by reading large chunks of text and then writing out the sentences to summarise. 
The week ended with a big tidy of the classroom and the storage cupboard. They learnt the importance of organising they resources and how it makes things run more smoothly. We organised the cupboard into different boxes and labelled them. We also took out a lot of the rubbish and decided what to throw away. It was a great way to end with a lot of teamwork!