diumenge, 17 de gener de 2016

Holiday report

To share their experience of their holiday on Saturday and Sunday, the children began the week, researching information, planning and typing up a report to share their experience about what happened to them on their visit to Vall de Nuria.
We began by looking at the information book “the Ice and snow book” by Gill Munton. They also looked at an example of someone else’s holiday report to a city.  From these resources we gathered detail such as the different activities (building a snowman, tobogganing and snowball fights that you could do with ice and snow), using description and detail and paragraphs. We also concentrated on the useful vocabulary from the book to help us with ideas for their reports. Sara and Judit created plans in writing and then typed up their first drafts using Microsoft publisher.
The girls did some grammar work based on their use of personal pronouns (he, she, they, I and we) to help them edit and improve their report. Sergi and Jordi learned how to form the letter ‘a’ we practised by drawing in the sand and Jordi had a go at writing the letter carefully on the line. Sergi is practising to hold the pencil correctly.
Sergi and Jordi looked at a book called “The snowman” which is a Biff, Chip and Kipper story. The boys revisited colour names by describing the clothes that the snowman wore. Jordi had a go at putting the story in the correct order. He did very well and then he tried writing the sentences again.
In maths the girls began their mental maths booklets which helps support their rapid recall of maths facts, we revised subtraction skills and learned one method of subtraction called counting on. The girls used a blank number line and with the smallest number they counted to the next ten and then counted in groups of ten to the next bigger digit such as 100 or 1000. Lastly, the girls added the jumps to find the subtracted amount which is the answer to complete the number sentence.
Jordi and Sergi began their week of maths by ordering numbers of amounts in the correct order, Sergi was joining in in counting up to five. Jordi did very well in completing his up to nine.  Jordi then practised writing the numbers one and two in English and drawing the right amount to make the counting statement correct.

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Pròsper Molné Blaya ha dit...

I think that your explanation of your holidays is quite interesting for several reasons. In the first place, it is useful to know all the activities that you have done during the period and I think that they can be taken as an example of the many things that can be done to improve the language skills of our students. The fact of explaining them together with a video makes it all easier. The use of adequate colours in your blog is also quite pleasant.

Pròsper Molné Blaya ha dit...

Hi Maria, your blog looks quite professional. There’s lots of information in it and a variety of different topics. I particularly enjoyed your Holiday Report where you explain the children’s trip to “Vall de Nuria”, Barcelona; a place that I know quite well. The Christmas stories are also really interesting. However, most of your blog looks mainly informative; there are no exercises for young learners of English so that they can practise their English. Please, consider it as a suggestion.