dijous, 11 de febrer de 2016

Adverbs and a Script

Judit and Sara began the week with looking at adverbs. We talked about and looked at how adverbs can change the effect of a sentence, they can describe a verb and tell you how something is done in a sentence. For example ‘The cat jumped quickly’. We recognised that a lot of adverbs are words that end in ‘ly’. We were using adverbs to help with our play script writing. We are going to use adverbs to describe what the actors are doing in the play.
We continued to create scripts and made up a script for Peter and the Wolf, choosing one scene to write about. Judit wrote the scene, when the grandfather tells off Peter. Sarah  wrote from when the grandfather and Peter takes the wolf to the zoo. We looked at a scipt about a family going on a trip. We read through it and acted it out. Then we decided to create a script of our own.
Jordi and Sergi read the short story ‘Nod’ about a boy called Sam who gets a few clues to find out that he is getting a dog. Jordi sounded out the sounds .’o’, ‘g’ and ‘d’. We put the sounds together to get the word ‘dog’ We tried to find how many times the word is in the story. We sounded out other sounds such as ‘p’, and ‘a’.  Next, Jordi had to match parts of the story to the pictures by recognising the key words and looking for picture clues. Sergi was recognising simple words such as dog, can and door. 
All of us enjoyed watching a short animation called ‘Monkey symphony’, we decided what the characters would be saying to each other and decided to create a script based around the characters, what they would say and explaining their actions. 
In their maths Jordi and Sergi worked together to share some wooden blocks fairly and count how many there were in each set. Judit and Sara did some fraction work, recognising ½ , ¼ , 1/3 and 1/10 of shapes and amounts. We used different coloured rubber bands to solve problems with fractions. Jordi is continuing to write the numbers up to 10 he is also solving some simple addition problems with addition sentences up to 5.