dijous, 4 de febrer de 2016

Irregular verbs

This week, we began by watching the animation of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ based on the orchestrated story written by Sergei Prokofiev. We are working towards creating scripts linked to stories. The girls, Judit and Sara, learned about the story and found out the different musical instruments in the story, we all listened carefully to know what the characters in the story felt or their actions from the music. We used a story map to take a journey through the story and know what was happening at each section. The girls wrote down and matched the adjectives to the characters, they described the duck as funny and playful.
         The girls then went on to write the story of Peter and Wolf in their own style, both planned their stories with a beginning, build-up, problem, resolution and ending. Judit decided to add tigers into her story plot, making the tigers the villains in the story. This time Judit made the wolf one of the story heroes. To help them with their story, the girls both worked on their grammar work with past regular and irregular verbs. The girls realised that with some English verbs are spelt differently when you change them from the past to the present such as ‘eat’ and ‘ate’.
     Sergi, Jordi and Sara were practising their phonics, Jordi was breaking up sounds in words like ‘cat’ and ‘pan’. We are still practising ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘p’ in short words.
       The boys Sergi and Jordi were using dough to make shapes. Jordi was able to count with dough and mould and shape dough into 10 sausages to count. We also used clothes pegs to pick up and count beads the person who had the most was the winner. Sometimes Sergi and Jordi helped sort puzzle pieces in colour grouping. We were looking for objects of different colours and sizes too.
Judit was able to show in her maths work that she can use the inverse operation to check her answers are correct, she used addition to check subtraction number sentences and subtraction to check her addition number sentences. Jordi could match amounts, and begin to write numbers in the correct order. He is beginning to do some adding with numbers up to five, sometimes Sergi would join in with helping Jordi.