dijous, 25 de febrer de 2016

Writing skills

This week, our focus was on letter writing skills. We learnt the skills that a letter needs such as the correct placement of capital letters and full stops. We played an online game which explained the importance of these in any writing. We looked at time adverbials such as before, then, next and after to show how events can move on in a time order which is known as a chronological order.
We looked at some examples of letters that were formal (serious and sensible language) or informal (friendly and familiar language). The letter we are learning to write is using informal language. We looked at a letter from a boy to his grandmother and we looked at a letter from a teacher to her class. To borrow some ideas.
Jordi wanted to do a letter too, so his target was to write a group of key words in the letter frame such as his name and other key words.  Jordi and Sergi did a lot of online games this week based on sounding out CVC words like C-A-T.  
Jordi also did some adding together of amounts and is getting better at writing his numbers independently. Sergi joined in with some of the counting and could say the numbers up to five. Sergi showed good skills in completing a pattern and colouring a picture of a footballer, he is increasingly showing a better awareness of lines and colouring within the lines.
In their science work this week, Judit and Sara looked at landscapes. Judit began looking at the landscape that is special to Spain and Sara identified that there are three main natural landscapes. Both the girls recognised that the different landscapes are formed by many factors such as the climate, an ice age (leading to the formation of glaciers), volcanoes and earthquakes.  One of the key factors we focused on was how volcanoes are formed with the movement of the tectonic plates and these in turn form mountain ranges called fold mountains.  We also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano. There was a historical element involved too, when we watched a short video on what happened to the people that were living in Pompeii and Herculaneum at the time that Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.

Judit and Sara have been using analogue and digital time terminology in their maths. Changing one type of time to the other.