diumenge, 12 de juny de 2016

Ratio and proportion

This week, the girls Judit and Sara were practicing their understanding of ratio and proportion. Both have looked at fractions and came to realise that proportion is about using this knowledge of fractions to scale up or down an amount. Ratio is about showing a simplified way of how an amount was shared out.
At first the girls had to revise a recipe by increasing or decreasing the amount. They calculated that if the original recipe served eight people then a recipe for 4 people would ask for half of every ingredient in the list. They then went on to try to solve problems that used ratio and proportion. They came across the vocabulary ‘for every’ and the symbol that represented a ratio 1 : (to) 4. The girls recognised that for a lot of the ratio questions they had to use a visual reminder in the form of a chart to test out how the ratio worked.

Jordi has been practising reading his sight vocabulary. Using the rules of sounding out he picked out initial and final sounds and blended the sounds to create the word and he is becoming rapid with some words. There are some sounds that he does need to practice and try to remember such as ‘w’, ‘g’ and ‘d’ but he is blending sounds better and double checking a sound to see if it fits with the word. Sara practised her conjunctions in her sentences. She needs to be able to do this more independently and to identify with how different conjunctions serve different meanings in a sentence. In doing this task she will hopefully use the conjunctions more often. Judit had practised using alternate adverbs or synonyms. She did this task to help her recognise that there are a lot more possibilities to describe a verb.