diumenge, 5 de juny de 2016

Snow Queen

The girls enjoy the film and characters from the Disney animation called Frozen. It seemed the right time for the girls to look at the film’s inspiration so they began work on the story called ‘The Snow Queen.’ They read the book chapter by chapter. They recognised that there are a lot of words that are formal in the text or are a little bit archaic. (old fashioned) The girls first highlighted these words such as ‘attend’ and used a dictionary tool to discover the word meanings. For example, they recognise that the word attend means to join a meeting but also to pay attention. The girls felt that this encouraged them to question new words and increase their vocabulary.
The girls looked at the description of the character and drew parallels to the main character of the film. There were similarities in description with the snow queen and the character Elsa. There were also story settings that were repeated.
Jordi did some skimming and scanning of a text called ‘the three Billy Goats gruff’. This was practise in recognising that there are some patterns involved in the text with repetition and he was training his eye to recognise the graphemes or letter / word shapes. Jordi had a practice in writing and reading the time for ‘o’ clock’ and ‘half past’ He also read some words in the book called ‘pop!’
This week, Sergi is learning how to count to ten and he is beginning to learn to write the numbers by tracing and copying their shape.

In their maths this week, Judit and Sara did some work on writing the time in digital and analogue for 12- hour time. One of the biggest challenges for them was understanding time to the next hour. They looked at the clock faces and carefully recorded what the time was. Then they had a go at time interval work which involved counting on and back in hours and minutes. Towards the end of the week the girls got tested in their knowledge by completing a jigsaw by matching the analogue to the digital time.