dimecres, 15 de juny de 2011


This week we have been busy growing things! Not big things like in the garden, but some cress, from seed. The girls did a plate each, one with cotton on it and the other with kitchen towel... the cotton was definitely better, the kitchen towel dried out too quickly (something that was never a problem in my old cumbrian farmhouse when i was little!!!) anyway, the girls have been watering (drowning?!?) their cress and here are some photos of it: it seems ready to eat, but its a very spicy cress....

Today we have had a very busy day, Judit had to practise her mental (finger) arithmatic when we went to the shops to buy some sunhats for the girls, next we made full use of the new hats by going for a nice long walk in the mountains! The girls were busy looking for fairies, but we couldn´t find any! We did however, find plenty of different trees, pine needles, toadstools and a very good branch for sitting on! Oh, and some very good swings for swinging on!