dimarts, 7 de juny de 2011

Jo´s back

After a week in England I’m back with some new English books! Today we carried on as before, the girls don’t seem to have forgotten any English, even in writing which is brilliant!
The girls have a slight accent in English but understand me perfectly, which is really brilliant, and although their speaking often isn’t correct, I’m sure that as they listen, read and understand more, the accent and the errors are going to disappear!
Today the girls made lunch with me. They’re getting very good at cooking now!
We've done some more work from the science book, this time about different materials and what everything is made of. This was quite difficult for the girls but we managed to make a page in their homework books for metal, wood, plastic and fabric.

More to follow soon!

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Sylvia ha dit...

Next homeschool year I want to try to do science in english with Damian and Nora. Waht book are you using right now?