dimarts, 28 de febrer de 2012

Back to real life!

So after a very hard week's training (nearly 500km... ouch!) I'm back with the children and we're back to doing English with plenty of enthusiasm after the little break. Today the girls wanted to do maths, maths and more maths, probably because Sara has nearly finished her 'addition' book and she is desperate to finish it off. I'm a bit alarmed though that she has managed to get to the end of it and she still has trouble counting to twenty! The book is probably a bit advanced for her, and there were certainly exercises which required plenty of help, and all of the sums require more fingers than any of us have, but having a book like this to work through gives her lots of motivation, and we can always find another one the same level to do afterwards, at her age it's all about practising and playing anyway.
She has trouble with the numbers ´thirteen´, 'fourteen' and 'fifteen', which all sound approximately the sme when she says then, meaning that sometimes there are three, sometimes two, four or only one... She is getting a lot better though, and to prove it here's some videos, one of her working from the maths book and one counting to twenty (correctly first time! yeaaaah!!)

Meanwhile Judit was doing some reading. She loves her book with three different fairy stories and wants to read one every day (so I know them inside out and back to front now...), she can pretty much read on her own, although there are some words she completely ignores becasue she reads them wrong, thinks its an English word she doesn't know and carries on without understanding the sentance, that's why I don't have any problems with her repeating the same stories at the moment, she likes them and wants to read them, and she is learning more of the vocabulary all the time. at the moment, in terms of reading, I want her to concentrate on understanding it and most of all enjoying reading! Here's a little video of the start of chapter one of her fairy book:
(I had to reduce the quality to make it work... I hope it works OK now!)

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Sylvia ha dit...

Welcome back Jo!

En Jordi i la Maria ha dit...

We really missed her lots! Please, download the missing video! Thank you!