dimecres, 9 de maig de 2012

Cakes and Grammar!

On Monday the girls wanted to make cakes! We had lots of very ripe fruit in the house so we made some scrummy wholemeal fruit muffins (I don't have a photo of the end products... they didnt last long enough!!). Here`s a video and some photos of the cooking though! The girls even did the washing up (and everything came out clean, without even flooding the floor!!) :)

Yesterday before the girls went to tennis we made good use of a short amount of time by doing some grammar. I don't use the term 'grammar' with the girls, I don't feel any need to confuse them with technical terms, but we did practise the past which is what the use a lot in their homework. I chose some words for Judit that she uss a lot and she new most of them without any help (yes some of the spelling is wrong, but that's another lesson!!). Sara did ome which follow the '-ed' pattern first which was nice and easy because she knows play - played and easily applied the rule (add -ed) to the rest of the words. Afterwards she did some irregular words that she uses a lot. She needed quite a lot of help for this, but the more we do these little exercises, the more naturally it will come to her.



Afterwards Judit did a very short exercise with some words she has trouble reading when she reads stories. I just wrote the words for her and asked her to write a sentance using each one. She did it very quickly and very well: