dimecres, 2 de maig de 2012


Sara is doing really well with her spelling, at the moment she is working on the sounds‘sh,’ ‘ch’ and ‘th’. She had a lot of difficulty at first differenciating between ‘ch’ and ‘sh’, not helped by the catalan ‘x’ (ch/sh) sound. But with a bit of help in the first exrcises, she was getting very good by the end of the page so I have made a little video for you!

The girls check their own spelling when they write their diary every morning, I don’t often have them practising spelling except for the occasional look-cover-write-check with useful but complicated words (e.g. ‘because’ for Judit), but despite not really concentrating on spelling, just the fact that they have their own word book for checking spellings, and that they write and correct themselves everyday means that I see a constant improvement.  

Judit found a worksheet she wanted to do, so I left her to read the instructions and get on with it all on her own, here’s the result with no help at all:

I’m really pleased because it shows that she can fully understand the instructions, and also she has chosen all the correct words. It would have been easy to think that the dog is ‘sitting’ in the pool, but she read the phrase and realised that it wasnt going to sound right: (*Rover likes to sitting in the pool) and found a word that fitted. I’m impressed! I am going to lok for some more reading comprehension and fill in the blanks worksheets for her to work through on her own, which will give her more independence and pride in her work.
We have had a look at our experiment for sugar crystals... but there aren't any yet! we'll leave it a few more days to see if we get any!