dimecres, 30 de maig de 2012

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Today we did some maths homework, focusing on addition. Judit´s first worksheet required her to add up the sums and colour the spaceships red if the result was an equal number. We used Pencils to help learn the difference between odd and even numbers, so she could easily see the difference.  Judit kept using the pencils on her own to see if the result was odd or even. She quickly got the hang of it!
Sara worked on a two-sided worksheet where she had to join the boats to the matching one that had  the same answers. She didn´t quite see they were the same sums, just in reverse, at first, so I made her work out each sum until she also quickly got the idea! I encouraged her to keep answering the sums though, to help her maths.

Both of their next worksheets were a little silimar, working on halving things. The sheets were also about Hens, eggs and chicks! Which is good, as it shall help them with their business!

After working on Maths, I took the girls outside to look at a Tree. I got them to name as many parts as they could, but they only knew the roots and leaves! I then drew a picture and taught them all the parts, and I am going to get them new books so they can each copy it out and start to look at other objects. It´s a great way for them to remember and learn new words, mixed with a little science!

We also learnt the song "head, shoulders, knees and toes!" to find a fun way to work on remembering body parts!

I then wanted to work on enchancing the girl´s imagination and creativity. I told them that I was going to draw a head on a piece of paper, then fold it and Sara would draw some arms and then Judit would finish with the legs. It took a few goes for them to stop drawing humans and questioning why I wasn´t, but once they got hang of it they didn´t want to stop and started getting more creative! We had hearts instead of heads, and mermaid tails instead of legs! We are going to use these characters to play a silimar game in the future, only this time, instead of drawings we´re going to practice our writing and make a story with these characters!

One of our first tries!