divendres, 18 de maig de 2012

The end!!! Bye bye Jo!!! :,(

So here is my last blog entry!!! :(
Time for me to move on to new things and for the girls to have a new au pair, I'm not moving far so I will still be able to see the kids now and then, but I'm really going to miss seeing them grow and learn and change, especially Jordi who I've known since he was born, and he's the one who changes the quickest!
I've had the most brilliant two years here with Maria, Jordi, Sara, Judith and Jordi, and I know the next au pair is a very lucky girl to come to such a nice family, I hope she will enjoy it as much as I have!

THANK YOU so much Maria, Jordi, Sara, Judit and little monkey Jordi!!

We have been doing our favoutrite things this week to say goodbye, cycling, cake making, playing connect-four, running around the garden like loonies, climbing things at the beach, AND doing english homework! I don't have photos/videos of everything but here are plenty to keep you going:

The girls left me behing cycling back up the hill to the house, look how far away they got!!!

Ara, em trobareu aqui: http://matarojo.blogspot.com.es/

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En Jordi i la Maria ha dit...

Thank you for being part of the family this two years, our best wishes with your new life like an englih teacher and profesional cyclist! We will keep on touch!