dijous, 24 de maig de 2012

Catalan to English! Helping the new Au Pair!

Hello! I´m Hannah! (Or Hana/Hani!), I´m the new Au Pair after Jo! Today the girls wanted to start with Science; so they found a page about the difference between Living and Non-Living things, and how you can tell that difference. We then made a list of things to sort into "Living" and "Non-Living". They did this very quickly and got them all right!

We then looked at the difference between how Plants and Animals "breathe" and absorb water. So we went Outside and pulled up some weeds to look their roots. After we finished learning about Plants, Judit wanted to do some Maths. She found a page on measuring the time, focusing on the length of a minute. She had to jump, climb the stairs, say their name and twirl as many times as she could in a minute! She counted how many she did each time and we wrote it on a bit of paper.

Sara wanted to work on some more Sciene, so she read it aloud to me.

The girls then decided need to work on some homework! They made me a Catalan to English book so I could work on it before they tested me! If I passed the test, they´d give me a present.  Judit wrote me the book, listing Animals in Catalan on one page and then English on the next page. They then did the same for Colours, and told me they´d write a few more for me each day. Luckily, I passed the colours test, and they gave me a beautiful drawing of myself, and another of two fairies!