divendres, 6 de juliol de 2012

Experimenting with Materials and Water... Sounds Messy!

When working through pages of Science, Judit came across an experiment we had to do! It focused on whether or not the material given floats or sinks. We´ve been looking at different types of materials and how we can describe them, always working on expanding their use of volcab. I pointed out the list of materials they needed, and the girls collected an item for each one; a toy chicken for plastic, a wooden spoon for wood... They then got their pencils ready and took it in turn to choose which material they tested.
Afterwards, they tested out the stickers I found for them the other day. They are reuseable stickers which is great... providing they don´t lose any! One set is of two faces - I made them tell me each body part as they were sticking it down. The girls know most body parts, but often forget. It was a fun but great task for reminding them! The other set of stickers is a clock, and they had to put all the numbers on themselves, including the minutes. This is very helpful, as this is the bit they struggle on!

Judit has been asking to learn about the planets, and so we decided as a starter they could copy out drawing the order of the planets... and above is a picture of Judit´s verison! I was very proud of her! She made two copies as the first got a little wet, but I was impressed by both! Her drawing and colour is improving... slowly but surely!