divendres, 20 de juliol de 2012


I thought it was time for another update on their reading! Both girls have always really impressed me with their ability at their age, but Judit has been impressing me even more lately! She´s becoming a lot quicker and smoother at reading, as shown in this clip;

Sara is also very good for her age, but we´re working on her spotting similarities between different words as she sometimes get confused on quite an easy word. At the beginning, she couldn´t grasp "ball" but understood perfectly well "all" and "fall". Now it´s a little more complicated; words that look silimar when trying to read quickly-outloud, such as "baby" and "bear". This is because once we think we know a word, when reading it we only really look at the first and last letter, and the size of the word.  She´s getting much better though...