dimecres, 11 de juliol de 2012


Although the girls do know alot, at their age it is crucial to have repetition for them to remember what they´ve learnt! You also need to cover lots of different ways of learning so they are sure to find something that works for them.

A good way for them to remember things is to get them to make their own posters. They have to research and check they´ve got the information needed, get to practice their creavity and have fun while learning! We choose to make a poster of the face first, since although they do know the parts, they sometimes get them confused!

We also made another clock for them to work on time. Although we have been using the stickers, making a clock from stratch helped them get an idea of how to count the minutes. Judit also understands "5 to 10" as opposed to "5 past 10"!

Judit wanted to put her poster under the clock, which I thought was actually a really good idea! Now when I ask her the time she can reply "15 past 1!" instead of "The big hand in on the 3..."